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I found kinder alternatives to depilating than dragging multiple miniature blades across the surface of my flesh. I don't know how you guys do it every day to your face.

People advise me to "put on plenty of sunscreen" with the same urgency as "don't leave your baby in the car" that I've always kept a tube or two lying around. But I never remember to put the thing on. And when I do, it makes my eyes water - as a rule I don't keep things around that make me cry.

It's a hunk of crystal and I don't trust it, never have. I don't believe I'm malodorous and even if I smelled like a ripe long-haul trucker, I doubt this would do the trick at all. And just like the sunscreen, I never ever remember to put it on.

Use it or lose it.
It's all going in the garbage.

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