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Xmas wrapping

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Xmas wrapping
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For a few years now, I've stopped giving Xmas gifts.

I've stopped giving "things", more accurately. Instead, I've taken to giving consumables and experiences. So, that could be a box of truffles, a dinner and a performance, a drive up the coast, a massage...

And, as I'm committed to rid my life of all unnecessary objects through this blog, I stopped the deluge by locking the front door and not accept gifts myself. It's like making 'last call' and turning on the lights. Otherwise the wino's and drunks will keep coming in, lingering and continue to get sloppier in your establishment.

Besides the fact that very few people give good gifts, it's such a turn off to be told by a calendar that I must give something. I feel that gifts should be given freely, as often and with abandon, not once a year, not only in February and December, but always, if it's really a gift. I have a lot of opinions about gift giving, which I will not get into further today.

That's not to say that I won't give gifts ever. One of my greatest joys in life is scoring that absolutely perfect gift to give to a very special person. But the rarity of those moments no longer warrants the Santa's workshop level of a wrapping station I had going on in my house.

Besides, if it's a gift worth giving, it's no skin off my back to get it wrapped when that time comes.

Xmas is still 10 months away, but some type-A mother should find this stash a nice find at Goodwill.

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