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5 cameras

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5 cameras
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First camera (Nikon Coolpix, red)
I took the Nikon to Tahoe in January, and while it survived the rigors of the slopes & the chill, I managed to destroy it on the comfortable drive home as it sat inside my purse, the black hole of doom. The next morning I saw that the LCD screen was busted. We thought that I could still take shots without framing it in the panel, in an experimental vein, but shortly thereafter, it stopped taking photos altogether. RIP.

Second camera (Sony CyberShot, blk)
I lent Phil the first camera last fall when he lost this Sony. In February, after it resurfaced, he kindly offered to return the favor by lending me his coveted Sony on my trip to New Orleans since my camera bit it. Unfortunately, in a span of five days I managed to break his as well. It stopped focusing. All other functions worked fine, but a camera is not a camera without its focus. Scott at Adolph Gasser tried to comfort me by saying this type of malfunction may have been slowly approaching anyway and that I probably didn't cause it - I just got unlucky. Whether I broke it or not, it broke on my watch, and I knew I had to "fix" the situation. RIP.

Third camera (Nikon Coolpix, blk)
Phil was leaving for Asia the day I after I returned from New Orleans with his broken baby. We had planned for a well-timed hand-off on the one day we would overlap in San Francisco. But I hadn't yet told him about the "problem" with the camera. I knew I couldn't get it repaired in time, so I bought a basic Nikon that he could take with him. Disappointed perhaps, but he was still appreciative of my effort. However, I was panicking inside because I knew he LOVED his Sony and managed to always tell me its superior qualities over all others. Even subsequent and newer models by Sony didn't cut the mustard for him. His was a few years old already but I knew it hadn't devalued on the market. It only takes 8 megapixels yet a new camera still costs upwards of $500. "Christ on a bike!", as Phil would say.

Fourth camera (Sony CyberShot II, blk)
When you borrow something from somebody as particular as Phil, you better be prepared to replace that item with the same or better. After getting back the astronomical repair quote, I chose to not get it repaired as Sony couldn't even guarantee the work beyond 90 days. I knew it was going to be an uphill battle finding a new or gently used camera that would satisfy him. For the past few weeks I searched high and low on auction sites and all I could come up with was silver. Phil didn't want silver. He'd take red before silver, but black was his first choice. I won't elaborate in all the ways I was cursing this predicament. We'll just leave it at "Christ on a bike!".

Then, last week, I logged onto ebay at the crack of dawn and found exactly what I was looking for at the right price at the Buy It Now price. So I BOUGHT IT NOW. Honestly, I would have given my eyetooth for this camera that day.

Fifth camera (LOVE)
Since I hastily bought Camera No. 3 for damage control, I returned it to the big box store today, after the UPS package arrived and I confirmed that it was the Sony that would shut Phil up, I mean, make him happy and allow me to live wrath-free. And tonight, I finally got for myself the camera that I really wanted. The Canon PowerShot SD780. 12.1 MP, ultraslim, brushed black stainless. I've always been a Canon girl, at least for digital photos. My first was a Canon G1. I was never in love with the Nikon, but we had a good run. But holy Christ on a bike, this Canon is the sexiest camera I've ever owned.

Today I'll hand over to Phil both Camera No. 2 and Camera No. 4 and they can all live happily ever after. Now that I have sexy No. 5 in my back pocket, I will take No. 1 to Scott on Monday and donate it to the Gasser arsenal.

I'm not proud at all of this streak of blowing through five cameras this year, and it's only April. But accidents happen and things break, and I made up for it. Third time may be the charm, but I don't plan to break a third camera this year.

Who's ready for his back-lit, white balanced, nighttime, close-up?
No. 5 can handle it.

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  1. Camera is a part of your body — eyes, memories, and communication tools.

    Take a good care.

  2. I was lost without a camera, but it's all good now.