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eye exam

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eye exam
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"Ha." my optometrist seemed surprised.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

She rotated the lenses through which I was peering and concluded,

"Your eyesight improved."

"Since last year?"

"It happens."

It didn't seem possible. Not to me, who could stand to be much kinder to her eyes...

I sleep in blocks no larger than three hours. They say that's not enough time for your body to rest, much less recharge. And if I lay awake in the middle of the night, I read in the dark because I don't like it bright. I squint a lot but don't blink that much. I forget to wear my glasses every day. And lately I've been rubbing my eyes raw because my allergies are acting up for the first time in years. Clearly, none of these things have adversely affected my eyes, on top of disproving everybody who has ever warned me that I'll go blind soon.

"You know, it comes in waves." Dr. V. continued. "I saw it during the dot com bust. People lost their jobs, suddenly stopped working and as their outlook changed, my patients' eyesight improved. It's all closely related.

"It sounds like you're seeing things clearly." she said tapping her head.

She must've gathered that impression from the chit chat we were having about what I've been up to lately and what some of my plans were, all while I tried to decipher between a "C" from a "G" in a dark room. My specialty.

Funny, I feel like I've been walking in a thick dense fog lately, especially this week. I honestly don't know how my eyesight managed to improve. I know numbers don't lie, but I'd like something other than test results telling me that I'm gaining clarity.

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