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It turns out that I had close to 3 lbs. of aspirin in the house that had expired.

A couple of years ago, Dr. Ira gave me a recipe for a foot soak, when I was experiencing something similar to tendinitis in my right foot. I was to dissolve over 30 tablets of aspirin in hot water and soak my feet in it. The solution was to be absorbed through the skin in a localized manner. If this weren't coming from a certified MD, I never would have gotten the ottoman sized tub of aspirin from Costco. I tried it once and vowed never to repeat the treatment ever again. Nominal pain relief aside, the sour smell of aspirin water was enough to make me retch for half an hour after its disposal. In fact, two years later, I still can recall the odor in the back of my nose.

The yellow baby aspirins were for one or more of my pet's vascular health. On this day, however, both the pets and medication have expired, so that puts an end to the pill hoarding.

I don't know if I can just toss this whole lot in the garbage, but the thought of it dissolving in the drains gives me a visceral distaste that I've got to stop thinking about it right now.

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  1. Aspirin and Mercurochrome are the only drugs I would ever trust.