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C, M, Y & K

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Today I completed a project three years in the making - "Replacing Toner Cartridges for My Color Printer"

My printer's been low on all colors but I've ignored its hungry meeps and elected to print things at work for that long because I'm a fantastic procrastinator and toner is 'spensive. . But this summer of 2010, printing at work is no longer a viable option. Top on the list of things not to print out at work is a resume or the job description that made me update my resume in the first place. The thought of a cover letter slipping into a pile of printouts and then being passed out in a meeting...no, thanks. One shouldn't dance around an active volcano with a can of kerosene.

An order of C, M & Y can run a few hundred bucks. I was even running dangerously low on the K, that my text docs were looking like secret decoder pages you need to read under infrared light.

Printer supply upkeep aside, biting the bullet and replacing all the colors so I can once again print at home actually signifies that I am mobilizing toward change.

The K is now printing solid black.

I've been a heavyweight champion of procrastinators, but after three long years, I'm ready to let this title go.

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  1. I have opposite problem.
    My HP Color Laser 2500 was down, while I have extra, extra toner cartridges (C, C, Y, Y, M, M, K, and K) sit on the shelves.

    I wish you can use them. Unfortunately, they are incompatible.