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26.8 lbs of fabric

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Paper bag: bedding
I always bought patterned sheets. They were almost always very colorful and on the bold side of things. This is largely contributed by familiarity and conditioning of childhood (Sesame Street, Peanuts), era (70's flower power, 80's geometrics) and my mother's aesthetics.

However, in the recent years, after sleeping on a set of solid, natural, organic sheets as a gift from my dear friend, Bradley (the proprietor for the lovely home decor store Urban Mercantile), I admitted for the first time that I prefer the peace and quiet of solid, and more specifically, white sheets. My recent stay at The Bowery Hotel pushed things into an active obsession.
Once you've experienced something superior, it's really hard to revert to a lower standard.

I'm thinking about "going white" all the way, eventually. But rather than a full-blown transition, I'm slowly shifting towards that which offers me a restful night's sleep for now, and donating the rest bit by bit.

Pink plastic bag: clothing
Items that no longer suit, fit or make me happy. This, unfortunately, is an ongoing task I must monitor closely, otherwise, it has a tendency to quickly get out of hand.

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