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Single function rule...No. 1

If you come into this world to serve a single purpose and you cannot deliver that function adequately, you are useless, no matter how cute you look.

Take this dustpan for instance. It was made to collect dust. That's pretty much its only duty. That's its complete job description. This dustpan failed the single function rule.

Now observe the edge of this dustpan. Do you see where the edge meets the floor. You can't? Oh, that's because it doesn't. Dust is small particles. Teeny tiny. That shadow you see along the edge is the dark abyss into which the tiny particles slip through. Dust takes shelter under the dustpan and laugh at me while I pointlessly sweep the rest of its friends onto the yellow surface. Hell you could drive a Cadillac through that gap. Maybe a flea-sized one, but a Caddy nonetheless.

Anyway, it was so frustrating sweeping this morning. It's like using a sieve as a bowl or trying to light a damp match. Useless.

Bye bye.

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