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fourth of July

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I've been backlogged so I'll have to borrow this first week of August to speed-post some stuff.
Yes, as far back as the fourth.
Kai and Miki were visiting from NYC and here's a bunch from Independence Day weekend.

My first dip in a pool this year. It's ironic that I live in California, a state where everybody in the world associate with palm trees and surf, yet, it's not part of my daily contact. I do dream of one day having a pool in my backyard, but not in Northern California, where it's 61 degrees and overcast on any given summer day. I was happy to drive to the South Bay to get a little July heat. Between canceling my gym membership where there was a deluxe Olympic sized pool and having a locked shoulder, I've really missed swimming this year. Working on fixing both issues.

So, the day before going to the Fourth of July party, we all wanted to satisfy our BBQ, because the party in question was actually going to be devoid of meat. This is a travesty, but I'm not going to take it up here. I've been to my share of vegetarian "BBQ"'s and it's a sad and distant imitation of being engulfed by the smell of charring flesh. We're just glad that Miriam, Miki's sister-in-law lived a couple of blocks away from Baby Blues BBQ and recommended that we "stock up" - Marcus and Kai were especially glad.

Kai, being a 10 year-old NY foodie, did his share of research and had a punch list of SF establishments he wanted to cover. He's a smart one and has written restaurant reviews in Time Out NYC Kids. His sister is a vegan and so are his cousins with whom he's visiting. The backlash of growing in such company pushed K to the opposite spectrum, the most carnivorous lion cub child I know. Earlier that day they went to the Ferry Building and got a cone of meat at Boccalone, which didn't seem to satisfy, but rather ignite his bromance with Chris Cosentino and he kept mentioning wanting to go to Incanto; we even walked to Dynamo Donut, where there's a Bacon, Maple, Green Apple donut (sold out that day) and as a consolation lined up at Humphrey Slocombe for Prosciutto Ice Cream (I'm an adventurous eater, but no thanks). My favorite combo is the Secret Breakfast (whiskey and cornflakes) with the Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee. But the Green Tea-Black Sesame is a close second. At one point, Miki and I had to take a taser and calm him down from his flesh-tearing rampage across the city. But, oh how I love a man who can appreciate eating well in life.

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