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This is where I would have placed the photo of the beautiful tomato I got from the market. It was ripe, reddish-purple and was in the perfect shape of a heart. It almost looked like it would start beating.

But there is no photo today.

That's cuz Bootsie ate the tomato, at least that's what I suspect. Strongly suspect.

I wasn't home when it happened, but there's circumstantial evidence & mother's instinct. It was sitting on the kitchen table when I left the house and it wasn't there when I returned. Hmm.

I couldn't get mad at her, instead, I was furious with myself.
All because I said "not now, later" and didn't take the photo when I should have, that moment is lost forever. And tomorrow, my dog will poop out that mythical moment, I will have to pick it up and discard it once and for all, just to add insult to injury.

I've gotta stop saying the word "later", because I'm not about to lose any more tomatoes.

PS - I'm ending this post with another natural phenomenon; one more photo I can't take credit for.

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