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rocks & gravel

By 9:36 PM

I took a zippy drive down to the place where they have lots of rocks. They also have pebbles, gravel and red lava. No formal design concept behind this trip, just the beginnings of an R&D for my front garden. Planting the proverbial seed in my mind about it. If I'm inspired, the seed might move me into action.

It was a fun trip. I saw a lot of variety here. They even have woodchips, sand and soil. A lot of grown men wearing hard hats and driving Tonka trucks with boulders in them.

I'm flipping a coin about which to take care of this summer...fix the roof over my head, or renew the ground I walk on. I can only afford to do one, not both. One's a need and the other's a want. One will give me peace of mind and the other will serve as a peaceful sanctuary.

Heads for roof. Tails for garden.

Which will it be...

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