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20 dollars

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All of September, I've limited myself to making cash-only transactions. This is a direct reaction to having had an EXPENSIVE August. I don't want to carry any balances on my plastic, fake money, false dream-filled credit cards, so I believe this is the most conscious way to manage expenses. Today was no different. In fact, the farmers market has always been a cash-only place of business. It's amazing how much easier it is to pinch your pennies when you're holding them in your hands. I took with me only 20 bucks and some change in my market bag, and this is what I managed to schlep home.

 a pint of blueberries,
 a bunch of red chard,
 three japanese eggplants,
 one asian pear (sweeet!),
 four white nectarines,
 four red peppers,
 a head of romaine lettuce,
 a bunch of cilantro,
 lemongrass plant
a pineapple guava tree,
 and a Manzanillo olive tree.

Did I mention all of this for under twenty dollars. No kidding.
(Oh, and I forgot that I also bought a couple of yellow onions.)
I love this game.

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