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By 2:40 AM ,

Phil and I hadn't seen each other since he quit the company in April. It's been five months. I think that's the longest we've gone without seeing each other. But sometimes a break is what's most needed in life.


We actually managed to conk heads in cyberspace this morning. I sent him a text message to make plans for dinner tonight and he did the same thing at the same time. What's more astounding is that we asked each other the same two questions. No more, no less.

I was really confused when it happened, but at 10:07AM today, our 5 month hiatus came to a much needed close.

He took me to Great China on Kitteridge Ave in Berkeley, where they're famous for their Peking Duck.
Crispy amber skin

The assemblage w/ Hoisin sauce and spring onions
King oyster mushroom with chive blossoms are in season

What a delicious reunion.
We finished the evening off at Ici.
Ici is French for here and I really enjoy being there.
Ginger crème brulée, the yummiest ice cream flavor all year

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