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I asked Meg to join me this afternoon to see this show at The Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Ladders, dogs & onion rings.

String, ironing & embroidery.

Dreams, mushy peas & Abraham Lincoln.

There was a self-portrait in the entrance of the gallery. In that painting, Maira donned an Elsa Schiaparelli shoe-hat that she stole from an exhibit (which only happened in a dream), and was seated in a Bertoia.
The show was utterly charming and very much Maira Kalman. The docent must have used the word "quirky" a dozen times to describe her.

There was an old lady who was tired from the very start and she kept taking breaks throughout the tour. She leaned against the display case at one point and the contents shifted slightly. It really unnerved the docent when she sat down on a chair that was part of the exhibit. Everybody was so appalled yet nobody said anything. After all, it's a chair. You're supposed to be able to sit in it. I get that.

Anyway, I came home and walked straight to my backyard where I had left behind a broken Bertoia to rust a very slow death. Chris left it behind when he moved out. It's probably been 10+ years. I apologized to it, as I believe all chairs have a soul. Then I took an old toothbrush and sponge and gave it a good long shower. It may be the year to resurrect old chairs. Another important sentiment that was introduced to me by Topher this summer...
Tibor Kalman, her husband, kept onion rings from 1969. This reminded me of my experiment when I saved french fries in a glass jar. Fried food preserves rather well. I kept it for a year, I think, and nothing "turned". Anyway, it makes me happy that Tibor and Maira found each other, because I can't imagine either with anybody else. Maybe one day I'll meet a guy that can appreciate my french fries.

Thanks for coming with me, Meg.

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