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10 dollars

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I went to the Alemany Farmers Market today with my usual cash limit of 20 bucks and a fistful of loose change. I felt so groggy, like I was coming down with something, so I thought I'd skip it altogether, but I was jonesin' for a Greek Salad all week, so I decided to go after all. Much to my surprise and delight, I was able to score all of the following bounty for a mere 10 bucks. Who says the cost of living in the city is high.

I have a head of Romaine and black olives waiting at home, so all I needed for the salad was this bag of very ripe Early Girl tomatoes for $1.00. 

 and two young red onions (they're sweet) for a mere 60¢.
and finally this pile of cukes for another $1.00. I like the guy in the middle that looks like a hand grenade surrounded by little green mice.

The other night at Q, we had a purple cabbage slaw that was so good, I decided to get this head for another $1.00.

I can pick my produce pretty well, but one thing I fail magnificently at is picking a good peach. I usually walk past stone fruit, much like a boy would walk past a sweetheart at a school dance, because he's sure he'll be rejected. But this summer I've had a bit of luck and every other time I've bought peaches I've done good. So here I am taking another chance at yellow peaches for a whopping $1.60.

 I have better luck with melons but I've been eating a lot of cantaloupes lately, so I opted to try a new variety. I don't even know what this sunshine colored bomb is called. I picked the smallest one because my bag was getting heavy. The farmer took one look at it and said it was "too ripe, too sweet". Could such a thing be...well, he picked this one for me and charged me only $1.00.

I'm invited to dinner tonight and I offered to bring dessert. Normally I'd bake something, so I bought this bunch of plums ($1.50) thinking I'd make a plum galette or clafoutis...but now my energy is  dipping very l-o-w, so I don't feel confident that I'll come through with a baked something. We'll see.
  And finally, the luxury item below is organic red walnuts. I made pesto with this nut before and it was so good. And the color was killer. I got half a pound for $2.50.

Seriously, ten dollars for all of this and a crisp ten left in my purse to boot.
Amen, to the farmers.

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