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raspberries & hazelnuts

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These are two of the most overused and misrepresented flavors in the annals of artificial flavors. I fell prey to the marketing as a child and thought hazelnuts and raspberries really tasted the way that Nestle, General Mills or Carnation introduced them to me and never came around as an adult.

There are so many horrid imitations out there, from coffee creamers, chocolates, candy, soft drinks and none of them get it right. I don't even like Nutella all that much. I know, people call me a freak.

I had made up my mind about hazelnuts and raspberries and didn't want to have anything to do with them for a long long time.

That is until recently, when I came across the real deals. The real shit is the good shit and anything else is shit.

This week's breakfast of choice is toasted hazelnuts, raspberries, cottage cheese and honey. It's a satistfying combination of crunchy, juicy, sweet and nutty. This a healthy and balanced bowl of joy.

Do not accept imitations in life.

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