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1000 record cover book

By 9:42 PM ,

I had a nagging feeling about this book last night. I lent it to somebody who is fundamentally a rat and I wanted it back. But I didn't know how to ask for it back without arousing suspicion. Suspicion that I'm about to pack it up. That's what people do when they're wrapping up a chapter in their lives, right, they take care of business by slowly (or casually) pulling away. We'll just leave it at that for now.

Anyway, I couldn't think of a good way to approach said rat, so I decided to go up to see him in his office and get it over with. I opened the door into the elevator bay and walked right into my designer, Liz. She looked surprised and just handed me something, saying,

"I was just coming to give you this." It was the book.

I didn't understand. I didn't lend it to her. So why did she have it. And how did she know that I wanted it back now?

"I've had it for a while and found it as I was cleaning my desk this morning. I'm sorry."

"Oh...this is great. It's so funny 'cause I was just about to ask for it back."

One point to mention 1) don't lend things to a rat because it will pass them onto another without you knowing it. Rat.


So, I've officially taken a month off of my blog. I needed the break badly. But I'm back to resume chronicling the trash and treasures in my life.

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