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As the weather gets colder I bake more. It's my form of hibernation. I love baking and baked goods. I'm obsessed, really. So during these months, I abstain from consuming store-bought baked goods. It's pretty simple, if I want to eat it, I have to make it. If I can't be bothered, then I didn't want it that badly in the first place, so it's a win-win.

This particular weekend I was on fire. In an effort to get rid of an underused appliance, the waffle maker, I challenged myself to a waffle-a-thon. I haven't used this piece of equipment for at least a year, maybe two. It was about to go into the Goodwill box when I came across an Oat Cornmeal Waffle recipe I've been wanting to try. I whipped up a perfect baker's dozen and buried it under a mound of red and golden raspberries. I threw what I didn't eat into a freezer bag and now I have scads of leggo-my-eggo's in the icebox. They should last me the winter.

Next came dessert the following day. I bought a bag a plums from the farmer's market and was getting tired of eating them straight. Plus, they were ripening faster than I could consume them. So I scoured my cookbooks and came across Donna Hay's Plum Clafoutis. I was mostly drawn to its strange surface pattern from the golden batter puffing up around the cut pieces of fruit. It looked like the top layer of a moon far far away.

I've justified my indulgences by consuming an obscene amount of fruit with each baked craving. I mean, it's a way more convincing argument for balanced nutrition than how school cafeterias count ketchup and fries as two servings of veggies, right.

But if I keep this up, I'll look like a bear in hibernation soon...

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  1. I can't believe you made a Plum Clafoutis. I was just looking into these little gems. Was thinking about making the classic cherry...

  2. Next time you'll have to come over with a big spoon.