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cub's paw

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"It's Bootsie!"
As I was paying for my plant at Flora Grubb, I heard a voice call out my dog's name.
I looked around but didn't see anybody I knew.

Then I realized that one of the guys there remembered her from our last visit.
"Somebody knows you?" I tugged at her leash.
"Of course, she has the best dog name ever!"
She was already stamping her feet in hopes of a dog treat (24/7, 365).

"Look, it's Bootsie Collins!"
"Oh, Bootsie!" The rest of the crew gathered around.
What am I chopped liver?

I like to stroll through their garden when I get stuck in my own landscape design. It's my source of inspiration. An oasis in the city.

That day I picked up a plant that I've given as a gift once before. I've looked for it since, but they were out for a long time. It's called a Cub's Paw for obvious reasons. I like to grab a "paw" like you'd grab a baby's small hand and imagine a cuddly cub rolling around on its back on the other end with glee.

It's also called a Panda's Paw and is suitable for indoor living. Don't overwater.

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