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girl's head

By 6:59 AM ,

"She's so soulful" Andrew said.
It's true.
She is.

I found her in the ground one day when I was gardening. A little girl's head the size of an olive. It's been buried at least fifteen years, as long as I've been here. Who knows how many more years on top of that.

She was buried at the exact spot where an unwelcome sapling had sprouted. I like trees, but I didn't want one there, because I knew how big it could eventually get; it would block a path. As I dug deeper to get at the root, a little white object popped up from the dirt. It was smooth like an egg, so I knew it had to have been manmade. When I turned it over a sorrowful face stared back at me.
I don't recognize it from my childhood. It's not an iconic face from a Barbie, Lego or a Weeble Wobble family of toys. Was she even a toy? Why the sad face. Where's the rest of her. How did she end up that deep in the ground. She would have remained in the ground were it not for the target tree. She wanted out of this stinking soil this fall. She wanted to come up for air. I know the feeling.

I was ready to rinse her off but something about the dirt and patina suited her expression, so she remains untouched. Isn't that what archeologists do.

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  1. Haunting. She must be from the early 20th C. don't you think?

  2. She's got a flapper-ish hairstyle.