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project hot air balloon

jaws of destruction

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Object: Chopsticks and case
Location: Purse
Material: Wood, plastic
Technique: Splintery Shards

Object: Measuring tape
Location: Counter
Material: Leather casing (not photographed, for obvious reasons)
Technique: Clean Stripping

Object: Post-it tabs, yellow
Location: Coffee table
Material: Paper, plastic
Technique: The Snap in Half

Object: Earphone case
Location: Chair
Material: Leather, metal, plastic, fabric
Technique: Steamrollin'

Object: Nail polish
Location: Coffee table
Material: Plastic
Technique: Gnaw-gnaw

Object: Electric toothbrush
Location: Countertop
Material: Plastic, metal, nylon
Technique: The Snap in Half

Object:Tupperware liner
Location: Dining table
Material: Silicone
Technique: Chop-chop

Object: Cutting board
Location: Dishwasher
Material: High-density polyethylene
Technique: The Bit by Bit

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  1. OMG!!! Bootsie, what have you done?! But in a very odd way, there is something artful about it..., especially with the cutting board.

  2. I hate to admit it, but I agree.

  3. The girl has been busy. Is this before or after the peanut butter stuffed toy? Pong or tong, what's it called? I hate to say it but maybe she does need a companion.

  4. Kitties don't chew cutting boards or nail polish. or tape measures. Or electric toothbrushes. Meow.

  5. I saw "Suspect in Custody" first. Now I know whodoneit. Disregard my question.