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breakfast at tiffany's

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Today I did something that I rarely do, open a Christmas gift early.

I drove up to my home a couple of nights ago right as the UPS guy was ringing my doorbell with a package in his arms. I miss him all the freakin' time because that doorbell he was ringing hasn't worked since 2004. Most of the time he tosses everything over the gate, no matter the size and I suffer the consequences. It's a good thing that I got home when I did, because on the box was written "fragile" in my dear old friend Mitch's handwriting.

I was going to wait until tomorrow morning, but I don't have a tree this year, so every time I walked past the package on the kitchen table, it taunted me. I don't like to spoil a surprise, for myself or for others, but today I started second-guessing and became unsure if it even was intended as a Christmas gift, so I succumbed.

Michelle is a special friend who always writes the best letters. They're personal and substantial and she has great handwriting to boot. When she gives gifts it's no different.

It's rare when you receive a gift that comes as a complete surprise and equally a delight. I don't mean to be ungrateful, but it's the truth, most people aren't good at giving gifts and seldom great at it. It's especially true when it's expected, like on a birthday, Valentine's, anniversary, and Christmas, the act quickly turns into a type of sport and it's nowhere in the neighborhood of personal.

Although this package came two days before Christmas she told me in the card that accompanied it, that she found this album a while back in a thrift store and it reminded her of me. I never would have expected her to remember that I loved this film and soundtrack, a piece of trivia from a lifetime ago. It's vintage vinyl and although I have my own copy tucked away in my dungeon (alongside my James Bond and The Police memorabilia), she had thoughtfully framed it in an album sized frame so that it is protected and I can hang and admire it daily.

I'm deeply touched that we still have our friendship after all these years...and maybe being a little early is sometimes perfectly timed when you're having breakfast with Henry Mancini.

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