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Eat well, I will, but I may have to eat my words about getting crappy gifts.

Actually, I definitely will, 'cause my friends are knocking 'em out of the park this Christmas.

Two days in a row, I've been surprised and delighted by a gift. Today it was a personalized copy of Tyler Florence's latest cookbook, Family Meal. I've had a mild crush on Tyler for some time now. It's not so much his beefcake persona, but rather the way he handles himself in the kitchen that appeals to me. Even though, Anthony Bourdain, my culinary anti-hero, disdains Tyler's celebrity (however, Bourdain is far more rockstar than Florence, hypocrite), I think Tyler straight-up has great recipes so I'm not making any excuses today.

A few years ago, Florence opened his kitchen/lifestyle store in Mill Valley, right next door to my friend Richard's wine shop and as a result they became friendly. And this fall, Florence came to my other friend Brad's book store, a year after its opening at the SF design center, to promote this book.

As close as I am to both Richard and Brad, and as aware as they are of my "interest" in him, I found it curious that I've never actually met the guy...Anyway, he's happily married with kids and lives only 15 minutes away, so if I wanted to stalk him I would have by now.

Well, Brad really got me this time. He got the book signed and kept it a secret for months. Apparently that is no small feat. Truth is, I'd rather have his recipes than the chef himself. And as Brad likes to say, he's gotten too "doughy" over the years, and I tend to agree. The sign of a happy man and his Southern roots, which leans heavily into the carnivorous side.
Iggy agrees that the photography is enticing.

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