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I've had some technical difficulties with this piece, but it's finally postable, à la Masterpiece Theater. It was a formal affair. (I know the score is German, and am mixing potato-based cultures.)

Camille was hositng her "last supper" at her place and we all got to eat our Polish fill on Christmas Eve. The last time she had us over, it was a disaster for me. The spread was incredible, but I didn't pace myself well; none of us were prepared for 27 courses. I'm pretty sure I was half unconscious when I left for the night. Frankly, I don't know how I even drove myself home - this seems to happen a lot around her. I don't know why.

The Polish feast is generally vegetarian, or more specifically pescatarian. There's a lot of starch and many of the courses are taupe-colored. This description is not doing the feast justice. Camille is meticulous in her cooking and entertaining skills. I can't believe she cooks this many courses by herself. When she can, she enlists the help of her cousin to make her pierogies, and ship them frozen from Detroit. But this year, she was trying out the local Russian market's offering. It was actually pretty tasty. This menu is most definitely from the Old Country. Sticks to your ribs hearty (even without meat). Warm, filling and satisfying. It's no Chinese takeout, where you get hungry two hours later. Pickled, stewed courses all preserve well both inside and outside of your gut. A little goes a long way. I'm sure that Camille is still eating the leftovers.
This year I managed to pace myself better and remained conscious as I walked back to my car. As a side note, Christmas Eve is the easiest night to find parking in North Beach, an often futile task. Note the two empty corner spots.

This is my third Polish Christmas between my two Polish friends, Tom and Camille. And a lot of work goes into this production. Tom, you would have enjoyed this one!
Brava, Cam.

*The photos could be more in focus, but the low-level light doesn't pair well with my food-induced coma.

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