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face vase

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That's a sound you get used to when you have two kittens running around the house. It was heart-stopping, irritating, saddening and expected when I heard the sound two weeks ago. They must have been batting at the flower heads poking out of the mirrored vase. I liked this vase, but didn't use it often, because only certain flowers worked in it. It's shaped like a woman's head with only the lips protruding out as an indication of a face. I got it at a silent auction at work a couple of years ago.

After I shooed the kittens out of the way to sweep up the pieces, I quickly pieced everything together with masking tape and was assured that I had collected all of the shards. I was reenacting a Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme in my bathroom.

For two weeks I stared at this bandaged piece thinking I'll glue it back together again someday. But today I came to my senses that that day will never come. I won't ever get that special adhesive that will perfectly fuse the pieces without trace, and even if I did, the head will never hold water without a drop or two escaping from a hairline crack. A smooth mirrored surface will never be restored. She was now literally a scarred woman. So I picked up the head and placed it in the trash.

Some things are never meant to work as well once broken, and this is one of them. Besides, it's a top-heavy vase, which is always going to be a problem with or without kittens. It would just be more heartache if I miraculously repair it and inevitably the nursery rhyme repeats itself. Bottom line, it was a cute object, but never a good vase and it could never function as a vase again.

I guess the kittens are now the arbiters of what stays and goes in this house.

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