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One lavender, one navy. Both from the long-gone Cloak in Soho. Both had cracked buttons and I offered to replace them for Phil. He brought them to me after he found out that I had a serious collection of buttons comprised of mother of pearl, wood, plastic, Bakelite, porcelain, shells, glass, the list goes on. It was a task that should have taken about 15 minutes, tops. That was in 2009, over 18 months ago and the buttons are still cracked.

I kept walking past the shirts hanging in the laundry room. Like most simple tasks, I didn't bother setting aside time to complete it because it was stupid simple. I knew that I could do it any day. So naturally, this got pushed off for a year and a half, until it became an embarrassment. I couldn't even bring it up to him, not even to apologize.

Well, he finally let me off the hook this weekend. He asked about the shirts when we were hanging out. I apologized profusely and returned them both to him as he last saw them.

"I don't think I even like this shirt anymore.", he said as he looked over the lavender shirt.

He thought that he should have taken them to the tailor in the first place and that I shouldn't feel badly about it. Initially I stopped him from going to the tailor's because I didn't think that he should pay for such a simple fix. This happened right before I started this blog, ten days before I put Bibi down.

I needed the distraction of somebody else's menial task more than he needed to save a few dollars. And as long as I could hold off on finishing said menial task, I would remain distracted.

It looks like I no longer need the distraction.

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  1. cute. i took the navy shirt to the tailor to have fixed! i will pick it up on saturday. still iffy about the lavender one...