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On one hand I need to do this more often. But on the other, I hope to be less productive because it bums me out to throw food away.

Mulling spice that expired in 2006. I don't know how it flew under the radar for 4 years.

Shallots that dried up to mere paper shells. This was a case of out of sight, out of mind, because it was completely hidden.

All goes in the compost bin, fershure.

Then I found all of this cake decorating paraphernalia. I was about to toss it all since my days of children's birthday parties are long gone now that my friends' kids are soaking in tween-age angst. But then I realized that I could give it all to my friend who recently found her calling in pastry making. While it's not desirable to get second-hand food stuffs, things like non-pareils and food coloring do not spoil; and since she's in the practice phase of it all it's kindofa perfect way to recycle. This stuff ain't cheap and now she can practice with abandon.

This made the budding baker very happy.

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