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PHAB domain name

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After two whole years, I realized that I needed to make this blog official. (Hey, friends don't call me flash for nothing.) Don't know why it escaped me for this long that I needed to register the actual domain name, but it all sort of clicked around 5AM today, on the anniversary of Bibi's memorial.

People have asked me countless times the blog's domain, and I didn't quite know or would get it wrong. Seriously. I post using a shortcut on my browser tab, and nothing else. If I weren't in front of my computer, I wouldn't be able to get them here. It's been my "dear diary" or the virtual pillow that I've been screaming into since my first post about Bibi; and I guess I was never quite certain about sharing it at a world wide web level.

Since then, PHAB has been an exercise for me to write regularly and publish to an abstract audience. They're all true stories that are personal to me and I didn't want to impose, embarrass, reveal or overshare beyond my comfort zone. If some stranger stumbled upon it, fine, I'd let them have it. But only a core group of friends willingly subscribed and I liked it that way.

Early this morning I ended up on the SETTINGS page and it asked me if I wanted my own domain name, instead of being cloaked within blogspot. I'm sure this question has appeared on screen a hundred times before; and it's human nature's duty to block the most glaring things in life if you're not ready to see it.

But when I saw this question today, I said "why not".

It's as though I've been living in a house for two years but never knew its street address. Now I know where I live and can have people over.

[Thanks, B.]

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