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cancer schmancer

By 6:18 PM ,

With one week left of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where pink is absolutely everywhere from shampoos, T-shirts to tortilla chips (I'm not kidding, they made pink tortilla chips), I'm officially putting an end to cancer week with this flick. I'm done.

On my last night in Michigan, pops and I caught this bargain matinee at the Traverse City Cinema for five dollars. (I love TC)

It was quite good. It reminded us both of my mom.

And then I heard the guitar intro to Yellow Ledbetter on the final frame; I think I actually gasped. Maybe lost my mind for a second. (20 years later, I still haven't figured out the lyrics; Eddie sounds like a derelict from a foreign land), but no matter, this song is one of my kryptonites and I can't escape its clutches. Since then, I've been on a rampage with 90's rock. If I start wearing torn jeans and combat boots again, leave me be. I'm running my own private Lollapalooza Tour on iTunes...

With this effective fourth and fifth kick in the face, I bid my official farewell to cancer week.

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