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emancipation day

By 1:47 AM

Death and taxes. Tonight, I go to sleep with one less worry.

I can hardly believe that I made it. This is the first time in umpteen years that I haven't had to file an extension. As far as I was concerned, tax season was never April. It's always been October. But in 2012, no more procrastination, no more excuses. This year, I'm turning over a new leaf. Because of leap year 4/15 fell on a Sunday, coupled with Emancipation Day (DC holiday) falling on a Monday, the traditional 4/15 deadline got bumped to 4/17. As Dinah Washington sang, What a difference a day makes. (Check out this video, Ronald Reagan hosting a show at the Apollo!)

Well, all credit goes to Anna, my bonafide rock star accountant. AND, she managed to get me a refund! Talk about emancipation, free of the October curse, at last! Free at last!!

Another cause for celebration is that my dear friend Philip launched his cultural blog today. And perfectly timed, I received the official press kit for the launch via UPS this morning.
I knew it was coming, the press kit, that is. And I was also eagerly awaiting the day he went live, but I had NO idea how big his launch was going to be, judging from the size of his kit. (I'm not being cheeky with the double entendres, here.) He went absolutely apeshit & I'm very happy for him. There was branded candy, T-shirts, tote bags, post-its, stickers, pins and what not...It was a kit that kept giving and giving. It felt like Christmas day. Congratulations, P!

I helped with the photography for his site earlier this year, plus, I'm an avid follower. You should check it out here.

Speaking of Emancipation Day, I never knew that it fell on the same day taxes were due. What is that about?

Anyway, to properly honor all things that went right on this April day, I sign off with one powerful letter from a former slave to his former master. This articulate and dignified letter was written as a response to a request for Jourdon Anderson (the slave) to return to Colonel P.H. Anderson's (the master) "care". The balls on this guy.

This is from my favorite blog "Letters of Note". Oh, bless the power of freedom.

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  1. GOOOOOD!!! By the way, traditional tax-return deadline has been 4/15, not 4/16. Papa

    1. You are absolutely right. I cut corners when I said it, but because the 15th fell on a Sunday, and because DC shuts down in observance of ED on the 16th, tax day was the 17th this year. Sorry about not being clear...