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Gaultier & Gotye

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Ahoy matey! Or whatever French sailors say...

Phil, Kristi and I went to the JP Gaultier show a couple of Fridays ago. We've been trying to coordinate this for a while (even though the show just opened). What can I say, I'm a planner, so I like to make sure that I have certain events locked in.

I was surprised by the size of the exhibit. Of all the fashion retrospectives at the De Young in the last few years, this felt like the largest one so far. Bigger than Westwood, YSL or Balenciaga. There was plenty of torpedo boobage and other high profile Madonna-wear but what impressed me most was JP's exquisite skills as a couturier. This was a refreshing display of his talent and lineage having worked under Pierre Cardin during the 70's.

When you first enter the hall, JP is going on and on in his cheeky French accent. They did a Disney's haunted mansion trick on the mannequins and projected video of live models and Gaultier onto the otherwise blank and sullen faces. It was very cute and entertaining. I particularly loved the sailor right next to him with the Fred Astaire grin.
I also enjoy looking at his sketches. He gets street cred for being a designer who can actually put a pen/pencil to paper. There are SO few of them these days. I value sketches and hand-drawn pieces because it's you channeling yourself. A direct line into who you are and what you want to express, no mediator or interpreter. This is your voice visualized. That's why handwriting analysis reveals more than it should. I've never been analyzed that way, but I find that just as unnerving, personal and probably accurate as a DNA or blood test.

On the way over, we passed by the Civic Center and saw that Gotye was playing this week (last night, in fact). He was originally scheduled to play The Independent, but I guess his sensation could not be contained in the smaller venue and they had to move it to Bill Graham Auditorium, which has to be at least 5 times the size. K hadn't heard of him yet and P and I have been fans, so we played Gotye on the way over to the Gaultier (both pronounced the same).

He's a stringy white Australian who recently captured a new audience with this bitter duet sung with Kimbra this past winter.
I'll sign off with a Gaultier gown with a female nude printed as well as one with sequined and beaded naughty bits. Layered on top of  Gotye doing the exact opposite, as he's from down under – by painting his nude self out of the picture, so to speak. Flippety floppety.

I have other favorites, so I'll post my full JPG slide show to follow next.

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