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SFIFF - The most cinematic film...

By 1:53 AM ,

Last year it was Incendies. This year it's Found Memories. This is by far the most beautiful film I've seen at the festival this year. Each year there's one film that clearly understands its reason for being a film. The filmmaker uses all of the tools that raises the work up to the level that it ought to be, while others work off of a misguided checklist.

When I pick my films to see, I pick them based on a delicate balance between quality (my prediction), and unmarketability. Kinda' like picking a race horse. The greater the odds, the better. But you still need it to run fast so you can cash in on those odds. Only these horses may never run another race ever again. It's a shame that fine films often don't get distributed, but I have not been disappointed for using this method; year after year, films that I enjoyed watching return back to the vault at the end of a festival, where all good films fall into an uninterrupted eternal sleep.

The sounds, the lighting, the faces, the story, the setting, this film needs no further cheerleading from me. I relished every single frame of every single reel. It was simply magnificent.

I do hope you get a chance to see this film before she turns into another Sleeping Beauty (or Incendies*).
 *While, Incendis was nominated for an Oscar last year, only a handful of people I know have seen the film. And they all saw it during one festival or another.

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  1. i totally agree. too many great films go unseen by so many. incendies is incredible. you'd think that after an oscar nomination more people would've seen it, but in actuality too few have.