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Well, it happened. Two things that I treasured most this year came to a screeching halt.

No. 1 - Juicer broke

Since the day the juicer arrived early this spring, I juiced just about every day, sometimes twice a day and was only getting more into it. My recent trip was the longest I went without fresh juice; I couldn't wait to get back to my routine when I returned home. So on Sunday evening, I was making my delicious signature green juice for my friends, when the juicer started to make a loud noise, rumble and jump around the counter and then ultimately smell like burning plastic before I stopped the thing. I took it apart to find that the round metal screen was misaligned and was spinning against the lid. The heat from the friction was melting the edge of the lid, which is what I smelled. I broke it. Or it broke itself.

I was no 「三日坊主(mikka-boh-zu)」for juicing, which is the Japanese saying equivalent to a one-night-stand. It literally translates to three-day monk. You call somebody that when he takes up exercising, dieting or something that requires discipline, because instead of the routine sticking, he'll likely throw in the towel after three days. My guess that it's called that because it takes extreme mental fortitude to continue with a religious practice heading into priesthood. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm a very sad monk right now.

Then came another blow...

No. 2 - Studio lease terminated

Life sure has a way of kicking you when you're down. On the same exact day that I packed up the juicer into its original box to return, I got an email that the studio that I loved having so much will no longer be available after August. I was renting the space from a business and that business needs all of the space back come fall. I knew this was a possibility, but I thought that I would at least enjoy having my own version of a "man-cave" for the rest of the year. Alas, that is life. And things change in life.

I'm a very sad homeless monk right now.

The upside of being impatient is that I can't continue to sit and sulk for very long. Especially when whatever is troubling me is final or fact, or both. If I learned anything from my broken juicer is that when life hands you lemons, you put it through the juicer and squeeze the life out of it.

So, for No.1, I was able to return the juicer to Costco, where I learned that I was within the 90-day full refund period with 10 days to spare. Had it worked 10 more days and broke, I would have been SOL and not gotten my money back. They even gave me back the shipping and handling charges (what!).

While I was at Costco, I got a call from No.2, building manager at my studio, wherein she told me that she can place me on a waitlist for the next vacancy. I gave her my range of sq. footage and dollar amount. She told me the outlook is good.

When I got home I did further research and placed an order for an even better juicer, now that I know that I'm not a three-day monk, at least when it comes to juicing.

Who knows, maybe it was time to upgrade both of these things. And sometimes you alone don't have the fortitude to make a change, so some external force knocks you off balance. All I have to do now is wait, which is the hardest fucking part of being impatient.

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  1. Great news! I mean, this is horrible news, but it sounds like it will ultimately be for the better. Just think...a new, better juicer and soon a new, better studio! What more could you want?

    1. What more, I want a LOT more! LOL. But I'll settle for a UPS tracking number and a call from the building office now.
      Fingers crossed.